• Occupy This Album

    White's song, "Little Pieces of Plastic" will appear on Occupy This Album, a 99-song digital download compilation of music inspired by the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement and the 99%. Of the track, White said, "This song is about the stuff that keeps me up at night: out-of-control consumption and mass production of low-quality imported excrement by huge corporate greed-heads who happily trade the health of my home planet and most of its residents for a few pieces of gold. I'm proud the Occupy folks have included it in this collection!" Rob Rappaport, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of Better Angels Music, explained, "One of my favorite quotes, "Music is what feelings sound like" (author unknown) is on the door to my office in Nashville. Music is made to be interactive, experienced in a unique way by each individual. As such, it can transcend politics and social discourse, to rise to the level of inspirational beauty, and when heard, can fill the soul. We are pleased that songwriter and Better Angels Artist Jason White's song, 'Little Pieces of Plastic' was chosen to be a part of 'Occupy This' project." Mr. Rappaport continues, "It is our hope that Jason's - and all of the songs, will lift spirits and help heal political, social and cultural differences by providing a platform for people to find common ground through the rich experience of the music on the Occupy Project."

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